Rodney Howard Browne – Priscilla R. Testimony

For me the first two weeks of the RBI revival, hewas in Texas planning not to attend my second year of RBI. I had already signed up for another school there making other arrangements.

So coming into the second week of revival, I knew I was to come back. Like as if God shook me and woke me to come. two days before I knew I was to come my oldest brother gave me his car, which I had been expecting a car because God had me sow my car into someones life last year in school. So then I was blessed with gas money to get down here and me and my younger brother drove down here in faith not knowing how it would work out or where we would live and arrived to Tampa at the end of the second week. When we got here Rodney Howard Browne felt the peace of God and have felt it ever since, because I obeyed the Holy Ghost. The full week that I was here was when Pastor Rodney preached all week on the subject of giving, and some people were like ok it’s good but do we need a whole week of it. And yes we do because money is everything in this world, things are everything in this world, we are constantly surrounded by it and challenged by it daily. So daily we have to give it all to God for it not to be a god in our life.

So it really hit me hard and he can say that I will never be the same from that week and especially the day where it broke on the whole school. So i can say that i will never be the same again on giving and the heart of my giving. I cant imagine myself not here this year and the breakthroughs that have happened and are still to come….Priscilla R.

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