Rodney Howard Browne – Paola M. Testimony

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A couple of months ago, Pastor Daniel and Jackie Gonzales were in my church as the Tabernacle of God trainers take to the streets and save souls, and the last training day Pastor Daniel talked about the opportunity to get scholarships to go to the RBI to study. Explains the feeling of the Dr Rodney to give an opportunity for Hispanic churches to attend the institute to find clear our call and deepen a relationship with God. He immediately signed up to win that scholarship and not lose the blessings God was putting in my way at the time, since the first day of that  RBI I could give thanks to God for the opportunity to stay in school even though my first language is not English because I’m Hispanic from Colombia.

Rodney Howard Browne have not stopped to pray every day asking God over you my God opens my mind to give me wisdom to understand more in English because I want to bring to others the word of God in English and Spanish. mother of two children, divorced single in this country, I could find in RBI but a family he could feel the love of God as my Father in heaven watching over me, filling me with his power of his love and renewing my strength every day more and more.

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