Rodney Howard Browne – Margarita J. Testimony

He said that Debbie from New Port Ritchie Florida came to soul win her first time, and the team leader paired Debbie and I together.  She over came her fears of being totally out of her comfit zone and God used her to lead 4 too the Lord.  She also prayed for a lady with an ear infection the pain instantly left her ear!  Amen!  And she also testified about it live on TV across America Wednesday evening!  Great job Debbie!

Both in the phone call center and on the streets of Tampa he is preaching the Gospel with a passion and God’s Fire.

On the phones Tuesday several that he prayed with gave their hearts to the Lord one woman was so excited she couldn’t stop saying Halleluiah God set her free, another man started to weep as I was ministering prayers, another man 22 years old rededicated his life to the Lord and wants to be emailed with everything that’s happening he has musical gifts and was excited when he mentioned our School of Worship, wow it would be tremendously awesome to see him as a student! God is awesome there is so much that is happening. Glory to God!

He said that on the streets yesterday a lady approached me curious what I was doing I lead her to the Lord also in the Baptism she spoke in tongues and instantly got deliver from anger she was carrying in her heart against someone it was awesome God flooded her with so much of His peace and you could see it.

Also on the streets 2 groups of young women prayed to receive the Baptism in the Holy Ghost and I felt such a presence upon me along with a greater authority. And as he was preaching to the second group they had actually come to us to hear what we had to say after they had initially walked away 1 or 2 minutes earlier it’s like they where arrested by God and they had to surrender give it up and come back.  Glory to God!

Tuesday evening when he logged off the phones on the second floor everyone was gone so I thought the building was empty and when I got off the elevator there where people stuck to the floor all over the place even in the church foyer for sure I thought Pastor Rodney had gone home but no he was still in the pulpit.  So I took a back seat in the church sanctuary well the presence of God was so strong that I became inebriated intoxicated plan old drunk in the Holy Ghost.  You know it had to be past midnight hour it seemed like everyone was just the same drunk and intoxicated on the New Wine of Heaven.  Thank goodness he didn’t have far to drive.  Amen! Well these meetings across the air waves on TV are really creating a shaking all over and everywhere and I get to be right here in the middle of it. -Margarita J

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