Rodney Howard Browne – Luz M. Testimony

I knew attending to RBI was going to change my life, a lot of people don’t understand that when  I chare this with them, just because I been attending for 3 weeks.

Week one was amazing, I had herd about how amazing it was going to be and thought he understood that but I actually had no clue of  what amazing really was till I had experience it my self.   The hole week I just received and received more and more of Gods love, of his power, I was just been blessed by the Holy Spirit.  Now during that week one of the pastors said that we wore going to receive in a way that we wore going to pass it on to others and I believed and I took that word for me.  Week one on Thursday my Youth pastor told us that it was going to be prayer night, not a lot of Youth showed up.  But man it was there lost, prayer night never been so powerful like that night, it was so powerful that we wore all filled with the spirit of Joy, something he had never seen in our youth.  That night adults went to our room to see what was going on because everyone had left already and we wore the only ones left.  I had to be carried out of church of how drunk in the Spirit I was and some one had to drive my car because I was not capable of driving, he remember been in bed and still laughing by myself.

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