Rodney Howard Browne – Luz M. Testimony

Week two a lot of troubles in my family started to happen like hecould never imagine, things that really hurt, but I was not going to let the enemy take my Joy away.  I was a lot more blessed that week that I had been before.  Even though I was going threw a lot of troubles the most beautiful thing was when I would call Jesus name and he would show up where ever he was, He helped me understand a lot of things and that it was all necessary so I would see he his Glory.  Being in RBI on week two helped me understand that no matter where ever you are when you call Jesus he always shows up it dose not necessary has to be son Sundays in church.  On Friday night on week two we decided to make it another youth prayer night and it was better than the week before,  this time a lot more youth showed up because they had herd of what had happened last Thursday and they experienced them selves what God had showed us last week.  That night again Gods power was all over me, we wore going to make the last prayer of the night and we made a circle but I started to become really dicey till he had to hold on some one I couldn’t see straight any more than I fall on the floor I started crying like no other till Rodney Howard Browne couldn’t cry any more than the spirit of Joy was there and hit the place again and filled the youth with Joy.

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