Sheila Testimony

Since hearing this message on the parable of the sower, and wanting desperately to allow God to break up the fallow ground in the garden of my heart to be ready to receive the word.   After learning that offenses and persecution will come because of the word I had the opportunity to apply the word to an offense recently.  It caught me off guard and when I started to react, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the word sown. I realize this was an area the enemy uses against me.  I said, ok God, this is the area that needs work I yield to you, take it out I refuse to allow offenses, distract me from receiving all that you have for me.  Because of the teachings, I came to the place where I realized the word of God was talking to me. I got it with my heart.   I was able to see that God was showing me how I am reacting in these situations.  Jesus is the living word.  The seed is Jesus in your heart and when that seed take root in the garden of your heart and begins to sprout roots and grow it will produce fruit.  I have to make the decision if the seed is going to grow and become fruitful or if the seed will remain a seed.  If the word never takes root then I have no fruit to operate Gods way. But once I was able receive it in my heart it began to take root in order to grow to produce fruit.  Now I know that not only is He living in me but can come alive in me, by the work of the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah (Mark 4:9  ….. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.) I have heard.