Rodney Howard Browne – Natalya Testimony

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My heart is full of praise and thanksgiving to our Lord and also to Pastors Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne for granting us the full scholarships to one of the best Bible Institutes on the earth. It’s such a privilege and honor for me to be right in the middle of the great awakening and the great revival that is about to pour out on this country. It’s a privilege to live in the times of God’s glory that we are about to see.

When I came to one of the recent conferences in the River church, God showed me the vision. It was my grandmother’s village in the western part of Ukraine. I used to come to visit her a lot. I’ve seen a huge field of ripe wheat that was ready for harvest. The Lord spoke to me “I am giving you your grandfather’s harvest.” I understood, the harvest was souls. You see, my grandfather was the pastor in that village up until the communists came to occupy west Ukraine in 1939.

One night the loud rude knock on my grandfather’s door took him forever.  His mission was not finished; he was only about thirty seven.

Now I have been preparing for that mission in such a fine school. The Lord is stretching my faith and teaching me to stay still and wait upon Him in this school. I just started RBI1 in January.

Thank you, Pastor Rodney again for paying the price and making it possible for me and many others.