Rodney Howard Browne – Lorne Y. Testimony

Prior to the 2011-2012 RBI Revival The Lord had done so many things for me.  He had broken off doubt and unbelief in order to increase my faith.  He removed anger and depression and all of the bondages associated with them.  He took away fear and anxiety and replaced it with peace and joy.  He had already removed pride, arrogance and a judgmental spirit.  He had not only removed all debt to sin, but He had also removed all monetary debt to the world.  He broke all co-dependency to man and replaced it with a co-dependency to Him.   He is in the process of renewing and restoring my marriage and  is in the process of healing and setting free my wife.  He broke off greediness, covetousness and jealousy and if that was not enough he also saved my son.

I am not the same person that came through the doors at RMI over a year ago.  I really am a new creation, the old me is truly dead.

So what  has The Lord done for me during the last two weeks?  Glad you  asked.   During this time, The Lord blessed him and his wife with a beautiful and affordable new apartment.  He has also blessed me with a new job that will allow me to stay in  school and still pay for all of my expenses.  He has opened new doors of opportunity in business so that I can move beyond my needs and focus on the needs of others and the harvest.

I have in the last two weeks personally come to a deeper realization that I need The Lord in every area of my life. Him in my marriage, in my finances, in my schooling, in my ministry work, and in my job.  I can do all things much more effectively and efficiently and with better results, if He is directly involved in ALL of my situations and circumstances.

Rodney Howard Browne am looking forward to a great year and an even deeper and meaningful walk with The Lord…..Lorne Y.