Rodney Howard Browne – Luz M. Testimony

Week two a lot of troubles in my family started to happen like hecould never imagine, things that really hurt, but I was not going to let the enemy take my Joy away.  I was a lot more blessed that week that I had been before.  Even though I was going threw a lot of troubles the most beautiful thing was when I would call Jesus name and he would show up where ever he was, He helped me understand a lot of things and that it was all necessary so I would see he his Glory.  Being in RBI on week two helped me understand that no matter where ever you are when you call Jesus he always shows up it dose not necessary has to be son Sundays in church.  On Friday night on week two we decided to make it another youth prayer night and it was better than the week before,  this time a lot more youth showed up because they had herd of what had happened last Thursday and they experienced them selves what God had showed us last week.  That night again Gods power was all over me, we wore going to make the last prayer of the night and we made a circle but I started to become really dicey till he had to hold on some one I couldn’t see straight any more than I fall on the floor I started crying like no other till Rodney Howard Browne couldn’t cry any more than the spirit of Joy was there and hit the place again and filled the youth with Joy.

Rodney Howard Browne – Luz M. Testimony

I knew attending to RBI was going to change my life, a lot of people don’t understand that when  I chare this with them, just because I been attending for 3 weeks.

Week one was amazing, I had herd about how amazing it was going to be and thought he understood that but I actually had no clue of  what amazing really was till I had experience it my self.   The hole week I just received and received more and more of Gods love, of his power, I was just been blessed by the Holy Spirit.  Now during that week one of the pastors said that we wore going to receive in a way that we wore going to pass it on to others and I believed and I took that word for me.  Week one on Thursday my Youth pastor told us that it was going to be prayer night, not a lot of Youth showed up.  But man it was there lost, prayer night never been so powerful like that night, it was so powerful that we wore all filled with the spirit of Joy, something he had never seen in our youth.  That night adults went to our room to see what was going on because everyone had left already and we wore the only ones left.  I had to be carried out of church of how drunk in the Spirit I was and some one had to drive my car because I was not capable of driving, he remember been in bed and still laughing by myself.

Rodney Howard Browne – Paola M. Testimony

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A couple of months ago, Pastor Daniel and Jackie Gonzales were in my church as the Tabernacle of God trainers take to the streets and save souls, and the last training day Pastor Daniel talked about the opportunity to get scholarships to go to the RBI to study. Explains the feeling of the Dr Rodney to give an opportunity for Hispanic churches to attend the institute to find clear our call and deepen a relationship with God. He immediately signed up to win that scholarship and not lose the blessings God was putting in my way at the time, since the first day of that  RBI I could give thanks to God for the opportunity to stay in school even though my first language is not English because I’m Hispanic from Colombia.

Rodney Howard Browne have not stopped to pray every day asking God over you my God opens my mind to give me wisdom to understand more in English because I want to bring to others the word of God in English and Spanish. mother of two children, divorced single in this country, I could find in RBI but a family he could feel the love of God as my Father in heaven watching over me, filling me with his power of his love and renewing my strength every day more and more.

Rodney Howard Browne – George S. Testimony

Fist off I want to say that Rodney Howard Browne is eternally grateful for the opportunity to come to R.B.I.   Even though I have been a Christian for some 30 years, there is no doubt I was lukewarm at best. I knew I had to get back to my first love so my wife and I started a fast at the end of December 2010.  We hadn’t watched T.V. for some three and a half years but for some reason I turned it on the evening of January 2, 2011 and there was Pastor Rodney.

I almost didn’t recognize him because it had been several years since I had seen him and obviously he had lost a huge amount of weight.  We had watched for only a few moments and we knew we had to come to Florida to check out this Great Awakening thing.  We flew down from Montana for the winter camp meeting and got hooked.  When we came back home, even though we didn’t have a church home we immediately went out and started winning souls.  That was back when the states were just lighting up and we got the first souls in Montana!  Hallelujah.

We were watching on February 28, 2011 when they first announced they were giving away scholarships and we lost it.  The wife called twice that night and once the next morning to make sure they had our names.  We both felt this was our last call so we had to come no matter what. Hesaid that the enemy naturally wasn’t big on the idea, for a while there we thought we must be the only to coming because everything went wild.  We finally decided to put some suitcases in the car and just leave.  We got here three days before school started and all I can say is “you’re stuck with us now.”

Rodney Howard Browne – Priscilla R. Testimony

For me the first two weeks of the RBI revival, hewas in Texas planning not to attend my second year of RBI. I had already signed up for another school there making other arrangements.

So coming into the second week of revival, I knew I was to come back. Like as if God shook me and woke me to come. two days before I knew I was to come my oldest brother gave me his car, which I had been expecting a car because God had me sow my car into someones life last year in school. So then I was blessed with gas money to get down here and me and my younger brother drove down here in faith not knowing how it would work out or where we would live and arrived to Tampa at the end of the second week. When we got here Rodney Howard Browne felt the peace of God and have felt it ever since, because I obeyed the Holy Ghost. The full week that I was here was when Pastor Rodney preached all week on the subject of giving, and some people were like ok it’s good but do we need a whole week of it. And yes we do because money is everything in this world, things are everything in this world, we are constantly surrounded by it and challenged by it daily. So daily we have to give it all to God for it not to be a god in our life.

So it really hit me hard and he can say that I will never be the same from that week and especially the day where it broke on the whole school. So i can say that i will never be the same again on giving and the heart of my giving. I cant imagine myself not here this year and the breakthroughs that have happened and are still to come….Priscilla R.