Rodney Howard Browne – Jessica D. Testimony

First off let me start with God is good.  It is an honor to serve our Lord.  The Great Awakening is amazing.  I was blessed to be able to work the phones on Wednesday night and many people were healed.  There were baptisms’ in the Holy Ghost with people shaking under the power of God.  It is awesome to see what God is doing.  People were calling and thanking us for being on the air.  I had people crying in the presence of God because it had been a long time since they had felt the presence of God.   People are so hungry for God. Hethink it is great that we are being broadcast all over the world.  People need to know this is available to everyone.  It is not right to keep this to ourselves.  The church needs to be encouraged to tell others and fulfill The Great Commission.

He is excited to see what all is going to come out of this.  I can totally see America shaken and on fire for God.  It has personally been a blessing for me.  It is awesome to see people’s lives changed by the power and presence of God.  My family has been touched and set on fire too.  My 13 and 4 year old can’t wait to come in the evenings.  They are excited to be a part of this.  He said may God bless all the pastors and staff at the River for all their hard work and all that they do to make this possible.  Thank you to all the Unite volunteers for their hard work.  Thank you to Bob De Andrea’ for putting us on the air.  All Glory to God!!! –Jessica D.

Great Awakening meetings – Rodney Howard Browne

It was awesome on Wednesday the 5th when He got to section lead.  But the best part was I wasn’t ready cause I wasn’t on for that night.  But something came up with one of the leaders and they asked me to step in and fill the spot.  And I really wasn’t ready, so I immediately started praying in tongues and was telling the Lord please help me.  Hesaid that everything during that day that could have gone wrong did go wrong.  So I wasn’t even fully focused on anything but the problems that were going on that day.  But as soon as I asked God to help me it was like everything went away and my attention went straight to the man of God.  He felt the anointing come on me and I served with excellence.  It was funny because Pastor Rodney was only calling people out on my side but it was like I knew who they were and I wasn’t hesitant to get them.  And that night really impacted me, cause I felt my attitude really change my thought process change everything changed instantly. He states that on Thursday night I was section leading again, but this time I was scheduled to do it, so there was no surprise thank you Jesus.  As I was listening to Pastor Rodney doing the interview with Dr. Smithurst and was getting touched because I was being reminded on just how good I have it here but I got a greater revelation of what missions was and what God is doing not just here but all around the world.  I’m loving these Great Awakening Tours meetings and I’m excited to see what is still to come.-Gabriel T.