Summer Camp Meeting – Erica J. Testimony

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I wish I could list all of the ways that this camp meeting has challenged me. Every night it was something different. The first way was just going using what He’s already given me for the gospel. The next area was in changing my way of thinking about generations. The most important way, for me personally, that I was affected was in holiness.

Being around men and women of God who are breaking down barriers everyday stretches me to give my all for God. However, sometimes looking at everything that those who have gone before have done could be overwhelming. I would think to myself, “God what do I even have that you would want or that you could use?” James Levesque knocked that out of the water with his testimony. There are so many ways that God has gifted me and many times just because of not thinking like God thinks I haven’t used those gifts for the kingdom. Now I have no excuse not to use what’s in my hand.

Next is the generation gap which really isn’t a gap at all. Being a youth leader has recently made me feel really old. I look at some of the students that I get to spend time with and pour into and think, “Why wasn’t I doing the things that they are at that age?” Of course I didn’t know about soul winning and my church didn’t really do outreaches, but the thoughts came. Then Pastor Rodney said, “If the Lord didn’t think you had what it took to live in this time, you would have been born in another time!” God can use me right where I am.

Finally, I must come to an area of holiness. It’s not that I was out sinning or living worldly, but it’s time to go to the next level. The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about holiness for a while and it came out so much in all of the messages. If the pure in heart are the ones that are going to see God then I want to be pure in heart. I must.