Rodney Howard Browne – Sarah H. Testimony

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Soul winning has changed my life. When I was first introduced to the ministry of Pastors Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne and The River Church of Tampa Bay I was in no way a soul winner. I truly didn’t understand the love of Jesus and the commission we have all been called to do. Since leaving my home of Texas to pursue the call of God I found out really quick that soul winning isn’t just a program, it is a passion.

I have nearly finished the first year of school at The River Bible Institute and soul winning started out being a weekly event. Since then the power of the gospel has changed my life to becoming a daily soul winner. It has taken months for the Lord to prepare my heart to speak in love toward others regardless of their reactions, but mostly to build the character of being bold when approaching someone.

The Holy Spirit is real and he needs us to stop and listen so work of the kingdom will not go undone. Every Saturday me and my 2 boys (Ages 9 and 5) wake up with the anticipation that God has divine appointments for us. What a joy to see what God is doing in my boys and in my family. To hear them pray and lead someone to the Lord, there are no words to describe it. I know that not only our lives have been changed but the gospel has brought freedom to the captives.

There are so many testimonies of Gods goodness and grace. I have witnessed supernatural healings, seen the hearts of people break down and repent, and I have also seen the blessings of the Lord. I have seen the love of Jesus flow through me in I way I couldn’t. There is nothing greater than doing the work of the kingdom and allowing God to use you. In all I do I will Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Rodney Howard Browne – Ruth N. Testimony

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I’ve never experienced the power and love of God like I do when watching someone accept Christ. Soul winning has changed my whole perspective of life. One night I was driving home from church and noticed a group of teenagers standing on the side of the road, shooting off fireworks. As I was driving by, I knew I had to stop and tell them about Jesus. I pulled over and ran over to them. They seemed to think I came to join their party; I asked them if anyone ever told them that God loved them and had a wonderful plan for their life. Some no and some said they didn’t know. I shared what the Bible says with them and all thirteen stopped playing and prayed with me. Everyone was so thankful.

I was shopping at the store another time, minding my own business. A girl was standing right next to me. The Holy Spirit told me to go tell her about Jesus. The second I asked her if she had ever heard that God loved her she burst into tears and looked me in the eyes “You have no idea how much I needed to hear that. How did you know I’m going through so much?” I said I had no idea, but that God knew and He had a plan and a purpose for her life. The hope that came into her eyes was unexplainable.

Seeing God touch and change people’s lives is what makes life worth living. When I began to feel God’s compassion for souls, and His love for people; it will wreck you for life. The joy of giving away the life of the one living inside of me is unexplainable. Seeing the transformation take place in an individual from depression to hope and joy is what motivates me to keep on going strong.

Rodney Howard Browne – Ruth M. Testimony

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Soul winning has been a wonderful experience for me.

I get so excited every time I go out on the street to win soul for the kingdom of God.

I remember back home in Haiti at a young age before I move here to the U.S. a couple yrs ago, I was never allowed to go out on the street even when the church was going out soul winning if my parents weren’t there I could not go for security reasons. Haiti is a country with no security you got to pray and trust God for protection. If it wasn’t for God, I and my family would not be here today. That gives me more reason to want to serve him and bring more people into his kingdom. My dad always explained to us as a Pastor’s daughter the reason he would not let us go out with the church or on our own is because he wanted to protect us from rebels and angry people that just hate preacher and the gospel so he was being very careful. As he was preaching the Gospel, getting people saved and casting out demons… the devil would always try to find a way to hurt him by going after his family.

We went thru some rough period in Haiti there was a period that people was out kidnapping preachers children, murdering, I‘ve seen preachers and family murdered and killed. Because the Country political situation we were not allowed to go out with other people or on our own unless of course whenever my dad or mom was present if they were going on a mission trip in a safe area they would bring us with them. So as a young girl even growing up each time I would go visits Haiti I was always afraid to go out on my own talk to people. Here in the Us I would go and witness to people but not in Haiti. Until recently God broke that fear out of me.

When I came here in the U.S., of all the churches I’ve been to American or Haitian, not one of them have the fire and the heart to go after the lost like The River church. They are so caught up in religion like pastor Rodney always says… and u have to be members to even participate in any religious activities that they are doing. I was so fed up; I could not find any church like our church in Haiti. Whenever I needed prayer or hungry for God I wanted to go back home to Haiti because our ministry there is the same focus as Pastor Rodney. I was hungry for more and wanted God to use me to bring the lost to his kingdom. I was a Christian, my parents raise me up to always love and serve God but I was hungry for more I wanted to do more for God. I wanted to be a blessing to other s.

In 2007 God spoke to me in a vision that he is coming back soon I have to go and had to continue the race, He has plans for my life I had to cancel all of my plans for 2008. I did not know how it was going to happen. I was pregnant with my second son I told God I know I always get so sick when I’m pregnant there’s no way that I was going to be able to go out in the street and witness .. I told God If you plan to come back now I guess you’re going to be so disappointed or get mad at me. In Feb 2008 God send me to the river, I was about 4 months pregnant when I started to learn about soul winning or how to win the lost into the kingdom and really going out and tell the world about Jesus.. I would go out on Saturdays with the River Team soul winning and I felt led one week to go thru my neighborhood I was about 5 months pregnant. I went from door to door, red the scrip and invite them to RMI church.

I found myself sometimes laying hands on the sick and they would get healed. They would come to me and give awesome testimonies. I thought wow this is awesome. I had 1 family saved a day at the end of the month I had 25 families in my neighborhood saved. I was so excited and said wow God u really calling me to do this! I would start shouting, jumping praising God for the souls. Then I went on continue soul winning thru the rest of my pregnancy. Afterwards I just let the Holy spirit Gide me and I’ve been on fire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others whenever I come across someone.. I get so excited every time I get the opportunity to share the good news with someone or getting someone else saved it’s just awesome!

Rodney Howard Browne – Rosemarie M. Testimony

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The realization that the whole purpose of my Christian walk is about carrying out the Great Commission Matt 28:19-20 with the fruit of seeing souls won from the Kingdom of darkness over to the Kingdom of Light has radically transformed my life.

Having been equipped with this knowledge and the tool to reach the lost means that I am without excuse not to seek out and win souls. I have become bold in approaching total strangers and leading them to Jesus. When I go on the street about my every day business the Holy Spirit never ceases to prompt me to speak to someone about Jesus, someone who I would otherwise have passed had I not been equipped with the Soul-winning Script which makes it so easy to lead someone to the Lord.

I have been going to nursing homes; bus shelters, communities (knocking on doors, bible study outreach). It never ceases to amaze me to see the look on the faces of the people after they have repented and asked God to come into their hearts, most of the time a smile breaks out on their face registering their realization of the shedding of a heavy weight and the dawning of a new day with Christ.

I have moved from being able to count on my one hand the number of people I have won to the Lord in 10 years to winning hundreds of people to God within the past 9 months of attending the River Bible Institute.

My country does not have the limitations and restrictions of the USA, when it comes to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is wide open and the harvest is ripe, I can’t wait to get back home to teach and empower individuals and churches to win souls for the Kingdom of God.