Rodney Howard Browne – Rickie H. Testimony

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Soul winning has greatly impacted not only my life, but my family’s life as well. Soul winning has become a culture to me, and it is not just something that is required of me to do because of being in bible school. I love when I, wife and two boys get to go out soul win as a family. As I see my 8 year old and 5 year old lead not only kids who are around their age, but adults as well, it puts a huge smile on my face.

There are times that I am not able to go out on the streets during the week at the allocated times due to me work schedule, however, there are times I will make calls from the bus ministry phone list on Saturdays. During this time, I have the privileged in not only leading some of them to the Lord over the phone, but I also have the opportunity to pray with people concerning specific needs in their life. In my life, soul winning is about giving my time to others to share the good news and walking in love to all.

Soul winning is something that is done every single day of your life, twenty four hours per day, and three hundred and sixty five days per year. It personally took me time to yield to the Holy Spirit and to be sensitive when He is prompting me to lead someone specific to the Lord. I have learned to be bold and yield to the Holy Spirit. Soul winning has forever changed my life and I know I will never be the same person again. The only thing that I will be able to take with me when I go to heaven is souls, so I am going to make sure that I can do everything in my power to help populate heaven and plunder hell.

Matters of the Heart | Susan Parks Testimony

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What an amazing day. It was a lot of fun. I was impressed by two things. My husband and I are in the Food Ministry every Sunday so we get to see the regular people come through. This Sunday, we were blessed to see many new faces. Many of the new people were from Plant City. We’re reaching past our immediate vicinity and touching more people for Christ. We are sowing into peoples’ lives. In a way, it’s sad because so many people need help, but on the other hand, this is a ministry and we have the ability to give assistance. Some of our men were talking to the people, teaching them to sow an item of food into their neighbors’ lives. That is really awesome. Our church is showing people how to take what they have and sow even when there’s little to give. We are showing people the Biblical way to move away from lack.

The other thing was how many people from church were helping. We all were wearing orange or yellow safety vests so we could tell who were the volunteers. When I looked across the parking lot, it was like watching ants. Everyone was so busy with toy distribution, food ministry, bus ministry, hot dog sales, music, etc. The really great thing was everyone was smiling and friendly. It was warm and hectic, but we were having so much fun blessing people. If I was a first time visitor watching the members, I would definitely want to come back and visit again or even become a member because of the love that people show.

Matters of the Heart | Noble Kauo Testimony

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Last Sunday on December 13 2009 was such an amazing day, It was my first time working in the Childrens Church and most certainly will not be the last, there was so many kids getting saved and they just loved the lord and loved that he loved them, they had so much fun and loved hearing the story’s a bout Jesus Christ that was told in class, it was also very good to see that most of them were not really there just for the presents and had a lot of fun, I have to say the future looks very bright and not only just that, the parents were great and greatly Impacted as well. I have to say i had no idea what to expect on this beautiful Sunday morning especially when it was my first time working in the kids church, the kids were all so cool and smart young kids, especially for the age of 5 years old, they were all so joyful and happy to say that they except Jesus as there lord and savior and invited him into there harts, I would love to see what great things the lord has in store for all these kids. I believe the seeds planted in them on this beautiful Spirit filled Sunday morning will be wonderful and I can’t wait to see how many of them will come back next week. I only wish that I spoke Spanish for some of the kids who didn’t understand me although we did have people who spoke Spanish and I know that they got to these kids just the same, glory to God and all his wonderful works.

Matters of the Heart

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I never thought I would do bus ministry, my brother had done bus ministry and I remember him always talking about the people and how rewarding it was. Well, he was right, I’ve been involved in a lot of helps ministry at the River but this is by far my favorite because I’m walking in my destiny simply by meeting the needs of the people; ministry. That’s what ministry is all about no matter if it’s in Tampa or across this country or even on the other side of the world, and I must say its nice not to have to be jet lagged in order to see hundreds of people get saved and blessed and lives changed. We can do what the bible talks about in Acts 1:8 “….and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” This past Sunday The River @ Tampa Bay that’s exactly what we did, we hosted “Operation Raven” where we gave away hundreds of boxes of food and toys to underprivileged families in need. I was lucky enough to be a part of this seeing first hand the faces of the children and the parents get on the bus feeling exhausted and beaten done with the cares of life and after service feeling refreshed and blessed, saying “you don’t know how much I needed this food”, or saying “I love this church, this is a good church,” I overheard another lady on my bus talk about how at home she felt and comfortable because she wasn’t able to dress up at other churches she felt embarrassed or out of place but at ‘her church’ she knew she would feel loved no matter what she was wearing. This is what ministry is all about, and I’m thankful that I can be apart of a church who practices what it preaches. I’ve been down here five years and every year God stretches and grows us, I can’t wait to see what He will do next!

Winter Camp Meeting 2010 | Richard Parks Testimony

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My overriding impression of the Winter Camp-meeting centered around Pastor Rodney’s vision of making the church available to as many people as humanly possible. This is not to say to specifically make his church, but to make “church service” available to all.

Returning guest speakers Ted Shuttlesworth and Ron Kussmaul are legends in their own right. They have taken the gospel to ”all the world.” Drummond Thom and his sister, Robyn were also a joy to have join us, along with other notable personalities. The fellowship: praise and worship supported by Becky’s healing song and the contributions of Big John Hall, and the voice of Tim Gidley brought the entire church body closer together. Surely, each felt as though a great spiritual bond; a direct connection was made between our worship and our soul and spirit as the entire assemblage was brought into one common voice.

Throughout the camp-meeting The River received countless phone calls and E-mails from viewers participating over the internet or by TV satellite. There is no way to estimate how many souls were reached in those eight days.

Both regulars and new faces arrived nightly through the church bus ministry. There was an opportunity to experience a world outside the small box that had been their world. This taste of today may have sparked some to look further into a life outside poverty and lack.

Prior River students returned to reconnect and update themselves with the growing vision of the church. They witnessed the new and latest electronic technology tools now available to win individual souls as never before.

Pastor has taken the message outside the four walls, sic, in steps. First, with street evangelism, then with tents, then the “Great Awakening Tour”, more street evangelism, and now electronically it is finally possible as never before in the history of our planet, he and the church can satisfy “The Great Commission”.
Our Pastor’s vision to reach as many souls as possible in the uncertain time available has propelled him and his church into using all that God has accumulated to date in the realm of electronic technology. Interfacing with available broadcasting from the church 24/7 now underway over the internet and by way of satellite TV, together with the aid of inexpensive antennas, make individual church broadcasting available and affordable to nearly every size church on the planet. This is no small accomplishment. Only God could bring and satisfy this vision. He would not have said, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel” and not make it possible, finally, in this hour.