Recent Student Testimonies

rodney howard browne 

I was at Studio B this Sunday morning, involved with the Kids Church and WOW what an AWESOME DAY!!!! The program that we are running is SO MUCH FUN, AND SO ANOINTED!!! The presence of God was so strong, and every child was receiving from God!!!   You can see in the eyes of the children from the moment they step in those doors, till the very second they leave, that they are HAVING SO MUCH FUN, AND YOU CAN SEE ON THEIR FACES THAT THEY ARE TOUCHED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!! So many children come into he place out of BROKEN HOMES and we don’t even know what is going on in their lives but the PRESENCE of God and the Gospel goes straight into their hearts and to see them changed TOTALY OVERWHELMS AND BLESSES ME!!!! I am so BLESSED FROM GOD TO BE PART OF REVIVAL MINISTRIES, AND SO THANKFUL TO GOD FOR SENDING ME FROM SOUTH AFRICA TO BE HERE!!!! Joe Manno is running the kids program, and WOW its so ANOINTED and SO MUCH FUN. The kids are receiving the True Gospel of Jesus Christ in an EXCITING, FUN and CREATIVE WAY!!! Tis Sunday morning 156 kids stood up and gave their hearts to Jesus!!!! ITS SUCH AN HONOR TO HELP AND PLAY MUSIC IN KIDS CHURCH… TRULY THIS MINISTRY IS TOTALY FOCUSED ON THE HEART OF GOD… SOULS SOULS SOULS and to see this generation rise up and walk and live in the POWER AND PRESENCE OF GOD!!!! If not us then who?? If not now, WHEN?? ITS ALL ABOUT JESUS AND TO HIM ITS ALL ABOUT SOULS… JESUS’ LAST COMMISSION IS OUR FIRST CONCERN!!! If you have children, come by boat, bus, train, bicycle, skateboard, car, donkey, horse dog, WHATEVER, and BE THERE BRING THEM, and see HOW THE PRESENCE OF GOD CHANGES THEIR LIVES FOR HIS GLORY!!!!



Eugene S