Healing, Signs, and Wonders

The Bible says in Heb 13:8 that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We hear that preached all over America but seldom do we see the power of God manifested in America’s churches. This is not so at The River of Tampa Bay Church. At Rodney Howard Browne’s church there is no lack in the power and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. I have been watching the healing revival this week and it is a breath of fresh air to see people touched, healed, and transformed by the power of God. Just this week I have seen a blind man recieve his site and several deaf people recieve their healing. I’m so thankful that He never changes!

My Great Awakening Experience

I went to the Great Awakening meetings in Port St. Lucie, FL with Dr. Rodney Howard Browne. My Life has been changed forever since Port St. Lucie. I do not just see people anymore, I see souls, souls, souls.  I went out with the teams on the streets and to the nursing homes and found my eternal purpose on planet Earth. The soul winning script is so easy that I still can’t believe it. People are saved and healed by God using me. God is looking to and fro across the earth to find those who He can show himself strong through. I went to see what God was doing and instead I got to be His hands and feet. I got my own personal great awakening.

What’s In Your Heart

I’ve been watching Foundations of Faith every Sunday with Pastor Rodney Howard Browne Live from “The River at Tampa Bay Church”. I’ve been learning some life changing things. Out of the heart flow the issue’s of life.  You need the fire of God to purge you. Only through a purged heart can God’s anointing flow. This is my heart’s cry, “Lord dip me in the kerosene of your anointing and set my heart ablaze so I can burn for you.”  God’s anointing isn’t just for pastors but for anyone who will get hungry and allow God’s fire to touch your life. God is no respector of persons. If the Apostle Peter’s shadow can heal people,  why can’t mine! God wants to set me on fire to see souls saved and people healed! Awesome!